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Our Product Ranges

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Natural Stone & Concrete Paving Sealers

For driveways, patios & pathways

Included in the range are both solvent and water based sealants for natural stone and concrete paving.

They can be used to seal new surfaces or revitalise old surfaces after extensive cleaning, helping to protect from the effects of weathering and daily use. 

Included in the range are concrete block paving sealants and stone paving sealants which are available in invisible, matt or gloss finishes.

They are designed for use on driveways, patios and paths and over many benefits in terms of appearance, protection and to reduce ongoing maintenance.

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Vertical Surface & Building Protection

Featured Item

These specialist sealers are designed for the restoration and protection of natural stone and brick surfaces.

They are based on silane sealer technology and chemically react with the surface being treated to protect from water ingress, the effects of weathering and acid rain.

Most of the systems deeply penetrate into the surface and dry completely clear so that they remain invisible.


Anti-graffiti & Graffiti Protection

For all types of surfaces

We manufacture very high quality permanent anti-graffiti coatings which do not allow paint or posters to adhere to treated surfaces.

Graffiti can be removed just using a cloth and cold water.

As the system is clear it can also be used to protect authorised graffiti art from being subsequently defaced.


Pre-sealant treatments & Maintenance Cleaners

Top Seller

We supply a range of surface cleaners and pre treatments for use before sealing as well as products for safe ongoing maintenance.

These range from sodium hypochlorite, softwash, black spot and algae remover to general paving cleaning concentrates.


Resin Bound Refresh

For driveways and other areas

We manufacture a range of 1k and 2k PU resin systems for refreshing the appearance of resin bound surfaces.

The systems are clear, 100% UV stable and have anti-slip properties.

They are usually applied after a thorough clean of the surface and the tough coating helps protect from further wear.

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Anti-microbial Coatings

New Addition

Watch this space.....

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Diamond ground concrete sealers

For internal floors

We have extensive experience in developing sealing systems for diamond ground concrete.

We have two main products; a silane terminated binder and a 2K water based PU.

Both systems are very durable and provide an excellent long lasting finish on ground concrete and other screeds.  They can be formulated to provide a matt, satin or gloss finish and can even be pigmented if required.

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